Writing a Superb Nursing Portfolio

Nowadays, the economy is so hard and strict that finding a job is almost impossible unless you have skills and talents that stand out from others. While the medical field is one of the most demanding fields, it is also a difficult one to get involved in. there are many career services that are designed to help you get into a full-time nursing position, but there are some things that you can do to make your resume and other attributes stand out from other candidates that are after the same job you are.

Nursing portfolios are going to allow you to present your skills and attributes to employers. It’s almost like you are putting your best forward and out there for employers to see. If you are in the medical field, nursing to be precise, this is going to benefit you as you are constantly faced with difficult patients and in difficult positions. Creating a portfolio will allow you to gather your employment history and situate it so that it blows away employers minds’. It showcases your skills, awards, achievements, and your employment history. It shows off the type of person you are and if done right, can be the deciding factor to get you the job. Here are some tips to help you create one that is sure to wow the hiring managers.

Print Out a Resume

Begin with printing out an updated and revamped version of your resume. Using a puncher with three holes, punch holes into your resume and use it in a binder as the first page. This is going to serve its purpose as a guide to whom you are as well as what else is going to be found in the portfolio.

Write an Essay

This should be limited to one page pay for essay reddit and should outline what your goals are for your career. All employers enjoy learning about what potential goals applicants have. Once you have punched your paper and putting it in a page protector, this should be the next page.

Give References

These should be a mixture of professional references such as past employers, co-workers, instructors or professors, and some personal references as well. You should list a phone number for each reference and they should be someone who can verify your work history. This page should be hole-punched and again placed in a page protector


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