World of Warcraft Quests – Type of World of Warcraft Quests

Questing in World of Warcraft is an essential part of the game. For those wanting to level quickly, nothing is better than questing. You get experience and loot from the kills, you get experience from exploring new places on the map, and, when the quest is over, you get more experience, money, and often cool loot. For those wanting to roleplay, questing also advances the story-line, gives history surrounding certain events, and can even enfold you into larger plots that are occurring throughout the game.

Quests can also increase your reputation with different factions in the game, such as Stormwind, Gnomeregan, etc. As your reputation increases, you will find items cost less, new vendor items will be available, and new quests will open up to even better items.

Where do you find Quests?
Quests Givers are anyone with a yellow exclamation point over their head. Starting in the beginning areas, quest givers help your character get aquatinted with the basic combat system and help you explore nearby features. As you grow in levels, you’ll find there are no more quests in that area. This means it’s time to move on. Often there is a quest that will send you in the right direction for the next level area.

How do you complete Quests?
The Quest Log will give full details on the quests you’re currently undertaking. Quests usually involve retrieving items (often as loot drops from creatures), or finding someone or something. Once you’ve found the item, person, or body part (eww), you either return to the quest giver, who will now have a yellow question mark over their head, or someone else described in the quest log. They will give you a reward of some type, usually experience and loot.

Other than the normal type of quest WoW offers other types as well:

Class Quests – Some classes have specific quests that unlock new skills or items. Examples of this are the warlock quests needed to get your familiar, or  Buy wow gold  paladin quests to get your level 40 and epic mounts. Some are quite involved, but generally the more complex the quest, the greater the reward. Generally.

Chain Quests – These are quests that start with a single mission, usually something simple. Once you complete that, another quest will be given, generally something a little more challenging. Once you turn that in, another quest will be available, and so on. Some quest chains end in great loot, largely increased reputation, or access to an area or item that was not available before.

Daily Quests – These quest givers give a series of quests that can be completed once in a 24 hour period. Once completed and turned in, the quest giver will have nothing more for you until the next day.


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