Men are notoriously hard to shop for, and choosing unique Father’s Day gifts can sometimes seem like a huge task. But keep in mind that not every gift for dad needs to be a monumental, profound statement of admiration and gratitude – just give him something you know he’ll love. Although sentimental gifts are always appreciated, why not get Dad something fun that he’ll look forward to actually using every day? Sure, you could get a new dad a manly leather diaper bag, and it may be useful, but does he really want it? When choosing a Father’s Day gift, don’t worry about what your dad, grandfather, or husband needs – think about what he would really want and enjoy. Needs get taken care of, but he may not get around to buying himself that awesome set of fishing lures he’s been eyeing for months.

In the spirit of giving your dad the gift of fun, here’s a list that brings together ten perfect items for gift-giving this Father’s Day:

1) Buccaneer Tailgating Cooler with Grill by Picnic Fun – The Buccaneer is the ultimate multitasking tool – and the perfect item to have on hand for impromptu cookouts! It incorporates a barbecue grill, 3 piece tool set, and insulated cooler compartment into one convenient item that Dad will always want to have with him, whether he’s actually at a tailgate party, on a boat, fishing, camping, or just taking some time to relax and enjoy some BBQ.

2) Lawn Bowling Set by Crate and Barrel – Made of solid hardwood, this outdoor bowling set allows you to take the fun of bowling outside. It includes nine striped pins, one red ball and one blue ball so Dad will have everything he needs to play with family and friends.

3) Sun Ray Garden Sculpture Sprinkler by Kinetic Fountains – Watering the yard just got a lot more fun! Your dad will have the coolest sprinkler on the block with the Sun Ray Garden Sculpture Sprinkler. This beautifully designed copper sprinkler attaches to any garden hose to create a spray that twirls around, creating a dynamic design that will leave the neighbors green with envy.

4) Sony PSP – Any guy who loves games, music and movies will be thrilled to finally get their hands on this integrated hand-held system. The high quality graphics will allow him to enjoy 3D games with full-motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio. Available at nearly any electronics store.

5) Chase Falls Wall Fountain by Kinetic Fountains – After a long, hard day at work, any dad could use some rest and relaxation. This stunning water fountain creates a focal point in any room and melts stress with the soothing sound of flowing water.

6) 2 Person Bicycle Picnic Set by Picnic Fun – Give Dad a gift that Mom can benefit from, too! This picnic set is a great item to have in the warm summer months. It includes everything needed for the perfect picnic getaway – a cooler compartment, plates, glasses, napkins, flatware, and more.

7) New York Times Electronic Crossword Puzzle – If your father enjoys crossword puzzles, this fun gadget will make them a lot easier and more convenient. 1,000 crossword puzzles are packed into this tiny hand-held game – perfect for travel, commutes, or any time he’s in need of something entertaining to occupy his time. Get it at the Discovery Channel store, or major electronics strap

8) Radio Cooler Chair by Picnic Fun – Ever wish you had a radio with you at the beach, park, camping, or on a boat, but just couldn’t carry it along with everything else? This remarkable chair is an AM/FM radio, seat, and cooler all in one, and even includes an audio input for your iPod, mp3 player or CD player. The waterproof cooler can hold up to 24 cans of Dad’s favorite beverage.

9) Bar Tool Set by Picnic Fun – Any handy dad would love this fun set of bar tools that mimic a handyman’s tool set. A hammer-shaped bottle opener, olive picks that look like nails, a cocktail strainer ‘spackling knife’ and lemon ‘saw’ will make him feel like he’s got the manliest cocktail set ever invented.

10) Portable Hammock by Picnic Fun – What could be better than having the comfort of a hammock to take with you anywhere? Dad could set this up in the backyard, take it on vacation, to the park, or anywhere he wants to relax in style. The Portable Hammock rolls up and fits into a duffel with a convenient carrying strap.

Any one of these great items will allow your dad to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time just for himself – and that, after all, is the perfect gift for any busy, hard-working father.



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