The Hybrid Golf Club – More About This Clever Innovation


If you have overheard other golfers at the golf course talking about a utility club, then what they are really referring to is a hybrid golf club. Their popularity among recreational golfers is not surprising since they are much easier to hit with. Some professional golfers have also started to use hybrid golf clubs since they provide a distinct advantage on the course.

The design of the hybrid is an innovative blending of the Vclubshop best characteristics of both woods and irons into a single club. The combination of these features helps to get the ball airborne but also curbs the effects of mis-hits. However, these are not the only benefits of using hybrid clubs.

Hybrid clubs are designed to replace the long irons in your golf bag. To be exact they are meant to replace the 2 through 5 irons. You should be aware that the description of “easy to use” reported for hybrids is done in comparison to the long irons, which can be difficult to master. So what is it that encourages this description for these golf clubs?

Typical long irons don’t have a lot of back on them. Normal irons have the weight of their club heads nearer the face of the club when compared to woods. So manufacturers have added more weight behind the head of the club to change the distribution of weight. As a result, hybrid club heads extend back further Vclubshop r than irons in order to address this desired characteristic.

Now golfers can have more weight on the back of the club without a lot of weight. Some manufacturers of hybrid golf clubs designed their clubs to look more like fairway woods. The resulting design has a head that is a little bigger and, because of the shape, puts the weight back a little further, although not to the extent of a fairway wood, which is harder to hit with, but the design accomplishes what it is intended to do.

A lower center of gravity is another property of hybrid clubs. By adjusting the center of gravity to a lower point, the golfer is then able to get the golf ball higher in the air after it’s been hit. It’s quite an engineering feat since it steepens the launch angle without changing the loft of the club. Now, you might not actually be able to see this when you swing, but you will be able to see it with how well the ball travels.

In short, a hybrid with a loft that is the same as an Vclubshop iron will launch the ball higher because the weight is further back and the center of gravity is lower.

Together these characteristics result in yet another advantage: increased back-spin. With addition back-spin the ball will tend to stop rolling more quickly. This will help to prevent the ball from rolling past your target position after it lands.

So, when you are shopping around for a hybrid golf club, you don’t really have to worry about what type of loft the club has since it will hit better than what you have in your bag currently. Now, there are some golfers who disdain the use of hybrid clubs and others who think they are the best thing since the invention of scotch whiskey. You have to do your own research to find out if the hybrid club is for you. But odds are, you will find that these clubs will help you hit higher, longer and with more accuracy than with your current clubs!

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