Sweetest Day is knocking at your door. Celebrate all the sweet things of life, honey, candies, hugs and kisses. If you are not with your beloved, then, just send virtual kisses through e cards on this coming Sweetest Day. In modern Western culture kissing is the most commonly used medium to express love and affection. And Sweetest Day is all about expressing the same to your loved ones. It is interesting to note that Sweetest Day is no more celebrated in the same way as it has started. Now, it has been labeled as the lovers’ day though it started with the distribution of candies to orphans, who are usually forgotten and neglected throughout the year. Kissing always has a romantic connotation. So, impress your lover with the fine art of kissing on this Sweetest Day.

Be sure about the kind of kiss you are going for because kisses are very relation specific. Flying kiss is actually meant to greet people or bid goodbye. Cheek kiss is a social gesture to comfort someone or congratulate your closed one. It depends on the local culture whether cheek kiss is socially acceptable between a man and and a woman. Hand shaking and hugs also accompany cheek kisses. Though the gesture seems to be quite familiar yet the meaning varies from one culture to another. It is generally associated with hugs and one must keep in mind the social context before kissing someone.

French kiss or tongue kiss is the passionate expression of sexual love. It stimulates tongue, mouth and lips which are very sensitive to touch. It is known as the most pleasurable experience in a romantic relation. French kiss also marks the beginning of an intimate relation. This can be taken as confirmation of your affair. But be sure that your beloved is not suffering from any dangerous disease before kissing her. The study shows that most of the sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through kisses as tongue kiss is all about saliva contact between two persons. Do not get panic and get carried away by the frenzied passion and excitement that you experience in French kiss.

This year you can even go for the Eskimo kiss. Rub each other’s nose to get a cozy feeling. It is also another popular form of greeting people. You can impress your elders with holy kisses. They are also cheek kisses but according to the New Testament, holy kisses are something more than mere greetings. This is the most popular form of kiss among Christians. Try this out on this Sweetest Day.

If you are planning to kiss your special person for the first time on this coming Sweetest Day, then, take note of the following facts which are mentioned below:


  • Do not ask “can i kiss you?”
  • If you get the right ambiance then, just go for it. And even if you want to take a permission, then, do not plead but be bold.
  • The first kiss should be always slow and a gentle one.
  • Make your partner comfortable.
  • Study the response of your partner.

If your partner is impressed with your 918kiss fine act of kissing, then, relax. Good kisses do wonders as far as romantic affairs go.


You can even kiss a person to avoid intimacy. If you do not like a person much, then, just give him or her a kiss on Sweetest Day if he or she suddenly comes in front of you. This is a good technique. Thus, without talking you can give out the message of love and affection to your recipient. And the recipient is also happy with your kiss. Try out the tricks this time.


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