Splendor of Contemporary Furniture

The ‘pretty’ look for contemporary furniture, which is growing in popularity, depends on the use of light colors. The effect of prettiness is created by soft-toned patchwork designs. This style lends itself especially well to bedroom decorating, where the effect is achieved with using contemporary designs, many based on 19th century archetypal. The pretty style aims to create a cozy and informal look. Certain graceful styles of furniture-including Louis XV and XVI, Queen Anne, French provincial, early American, and cottage-are well suited to this mode. Humble pieces like slipper chairs, footstools, ladder-back and rocking chairs, sewing boxes, plant stands, and the wicker porch furniture common at the turn of the century all contribute to it. Wicker furniture should be given a contemporary look with white or light-colored paint.

Contemporary furniture is made using a live edge design. This process involves using the original texture and style of a piece of wood to be able to create a specific furnishing. Like for Wicker Porch Furniture instance, usual designer would reject woods with holes and indistinct pattern on it but with live edge style, carpenters would make use of these holes as part of the entire design and make it look as if it is intentionally placed in there. This creates very unique and highly exceptional furnishings. The craft and natural looks blend into each other and both can be used for a pretty effect. Inevitably some overlapping occurs, but any one of these three styles may predominate.

There seem to be no limits to the ways crafts can be applied to the decoration of a room. Many interiors combine handcrafted old contemporary furniture with other objects made by hand. The originality and charm of these rooms, as well as their owners’ satisfaction in knowing that each room bears a personal signature, help to account for the increasing popularity of the craft-oriented style of interior design.

A revival in the old-fashioned rocking chair was noted, resulting from the publicized use of one for President Kennedy. Thonet revived a graceful model in bentwood, originally designed in 1860. Outstanding antique reproductions, characterized by quality of workmanship and fidelity to the French and Italian originals, were made by John Scalia-Schmieg & Kotzian, Bodart, and Brunovan. Breton and Basque reproductions with charming provincial qualities were offered by Charak.

The rise of contemporary furniture has set the motion for other discoveries and creations that will put the world into awe. There were already hundreds to thousands of styles that were released in the market and designers are continuously pouring all their talents and skills to create a masterpiece that would fit to the preference of the general population. Quality, elegance, and beauty has always been the factors considered in designing any masterpiece.

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