Yesterday, I mention to a friend that relocated from the busy metropolis of Bangkok to the singled out country side of The united kingdom (Wales, to be exact). She just got a huge skin image, in Sankrit, on her forearm of her son’s name. “I just walked in to a skin image place on a impulse and one or two hours later it was done, inch she said without much feeling. “I needed a big change, it was either get inked or take up smoking. inch We talked for another an hour, during that time she revealed that she is tired of the routine life of motherhood in the English country side and misses her friends in Bangkok. “Just lurking, going to the films, having dinner are the things that I no longer do, inch she whimpered. “What happened to my well being? inch

As the soul grows, and it must, we generally have this great longing for more. There are couple of us who have never thought about the meaning of life or spent some time ucdm reflecting on the will truly make us happy. Yet the more we attempt to solve these vague ideas, the more elusive the answers become. Yes, we have heard that happiness is here and now, but how many of us truly know very well what that means?

After regarding green decade of practicing yoga, I was sure that I was on the way to somewhere very special. Of course, there are moments when life becomes dull, stressful or even gloomy at times, but I was convinced that these temporary lows are no match for a rigorous 90-minute practice on the sleeping pad where I attempt to sweat the tension out in increasingly challenging positions. Watch the breathing and all will be OK, in order to quote a very respected teacher, “Do your practice and all is coming. inch

While I had, no doubt, great changes with the practice, it still felt like there was something unspeakable that was lacking. An emptiness that buckets and buckets of sweat just will not fill up. So, with the guidance from angels (in the form of my sibling, friends and unprecedented acquaintances), I begun to pay nearer awareness of the wants of my body, for it is a great representation of the yearnings of the soul. What I have discovered is that it is OK to ask for help and guidance, that we do not need to pretend that everything is fine and hide behind the mask of a yoga teacher.

Self-reliance was a virtue that we held dear, for it has such a powerful significance. That being said, truly listening to my body revealed that sometimes, I don’t want to rely on myself. Sometimes, it is such a great relief to be able to share, honestly, with those to care enough to pay attention. Healers are all over if we welcome the light. We do not need to stand in darkness alone.

As i delve deeper into the energy therapy part of the yoga practice, I am watching a transformation in my being that is honest, memorable and remarkable. The shift for me sported the letting go of an external covering and to allow light. Relatively simple actions in the forms of massage therapy, deep talks with friends, guiltless naps, and connecting with groups of energy healers have made me more grounded and confident that the world stands ready to support us as our soul grows. And we do not need to do this alone.

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