Fleet Management – Optimization and Organization of Available Drivers

In the beginning of our presentation, we can surely assume that perhaps the most important aspect of a cab management system is the direct relation to the other persons involved in the company.

As a controller, one must make sure that there won’t be anything getting AI and Fleet Management in the way of their communication to the fleet drivers that they manage.

It is essential to convey the necessary information as clearly, quickly and easily as possible. The initial way of doing it was by hand – the controller would tell the driver his reservation details, and the driver would write them down and make sure that he has them correct – this creates the unnecessary hassle of actually getting the correct details to the right person – a lot of mistakes may occur on the way.

The second issue, the one which is clearly fixed by the automation is the one of the company growth. You are finally getting acknowledged – your company is a success, and a lot of people want to make bookings with you – how will you be able to honor such a great number of orders, if your system is not capable of quickly organizing your reservations and sending the correct information to your drivers?

This is where an automated system comes in. It offers full support for a great number of orders. At the click of a button, the driver is notified about his reservation and he is able to confirm the booking the exact way.

Fleet management doesn’t just refer to the strict booking management, however. As drivers need to constantly update their papers, an application should make sure that you will get a warning whenever there are problems with a driver’s PCO license, MOT or PHV expiration dates.

There are also a lot of other features that could be implemented, such as a potential ability to set when a driver is available – this is crucial when you know that some of them may have other regular activities and issues which may impend their work – so that you know when to allocate them or not.

All of these things can be done instantly. There is no need for the controller to be preoccupied by the technical matters of the work. This would allow him to focus not only on allocating the best drivers and the most appropriate ones, but also on making sure that the client’s needs are put first – which is definitely something any client should desire.

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