Better Understanding Through KPI PPT


here are a lot of ways to disseminate company communications, but there is only way to disseminate key performance indicators, and that is through the KPI PPT. And the most appropriate word is communicate, not disseminate, since the former implies understanding, which is what is required of KPIs.

The key performance indicators are essential to management, as they contain details of plans, strategies, expected outputs, and tasks assignments to groups and even individual employees. It is obvious that effectively communicating KPIs is the initial step towards making the organization more work efficient and ensuring goals are always within sight.

Communicating the KPIs through a PowerPoint presentation offers a lot of advantages over other methods in getting the message across. With this type of presentation, you can make the presentations as brief and concise as you like without sacrificing content. Surely, explanations can be more fully presented and thus easily assimilated when all types of media – audio, text, or video – are simultaneously employed and this is what a PowerPoint presentation is capable of providing.

Another advantage of this method is that it eliminates distractions resulting from people trying to follow what is being discussed from handouts or other documents. The audience is focused on what the presenter has to say. Although handouts have their uses and it is advisable for them to be given out, possibly after the presentation, the use of multimedia drives the point more effectively and forcefully. The use of graphics and text accompanied by corresponding audio to explain sales projections, a training program is surely more understandable than reading a lengthy document.

It is not enough for KPIs to be presented in multimedia forms and expect that all will understand what are expected of them. Even with a powerful tool as the PowerPoint program, understanding can still be elusive when the information is introduced in a disorderly manner. For example, when presenting plans, objectives, strategies/activities, and expected presentation design training outputs for a program designed to increase employee productivity, it is best to have them in a sequential order that is easily understood and, if possible, in a single page. Having to jump another page to complete the picture can make the presentation appear fragmented. The use of summarizing points in a separate page after every discussion is likewise handy in helping audience recall.

Printed material can be made in such a way as to arouse interest of readers, but nothing beats the use of audio visual in holding the attention of people. A meticulously prepared multimedia presentation will always make use of appropriate pictures or videos to enliven discussions and stress an important point. There is no need to talk a lot, images can explain just as clearly, perhaps even more clearly, than words can.

Of course, there is no substitute to content. What will finally hold co-employees on the seats and induce a lively discussion is the relevance of KPIs being presented. However, it helps when you have a tool that can make people understand better


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