Become a Certified Data Scientist

Data science is a field of study that is growing at a fast pace. From big tech companies to E-commerce companies to websites and many others are now relying on data science. Amount of data that is collected by these companies are without any bounds. Semi-structure to unstructured big data is stored in large frameworks of these companies. Now the question is how to use this.


A few years ago, the problem was storage of such huge amount of big data. Now that issue is solved, and the current dilemma is how to make sense of it. And the answer is Data science and analytics.

Data science tools sort, group and analyze the big data and help in making it sensible. Just a huge framework of data is of no use until we can use it to grow our concern and create value. The sciences use many algorithms and scientific methods to extract valuable data like machine learning, R, Mahout, Hive etc. Converting raw data into analyzable data is the core of data science.

It is used for various purposes:


  • For predictive analysis of the future patterns.
  • For understanding the insights of a customer.
  • Optimizing the business processes.
  • For public medical and health purposes.
  • For personal use too, like armbands and smart watches who gather data give health insights of an individual.
  • For defense and law purposes.
  • For financial trading and analysis, to know the current trend of investment and returns.



Now that we have big data, data science tools and the purpose specified for us. The only need is for qualified and hard working data, scientists who have a knack for solving problems. To become a successful scientist you don’t necessarily need to have a Ph.D. One should only have some mathematical and technological background and the rest can be learned. But one of the most important things is to have a strong strategic mindset and acumen. Because a data scientist will not only create a data product out of raw information, but also should be able to give solutions to core business problems.


If you are aspiring to become a data scientist then the core  data hk  skills will include:


  • Mathematical knowledge
  • Technical and software knowledge
  • Knowledge of data science tools and algorithms.
  • Strategic Insight.

All this can be learned, but the most important will be the mindset of yours. A data scientist should have the intellectual curiosity to know about the problem. Data scientists should be highly inquisitive to see new problems, ask new questions and try to find solutions to them.



It is a field where one should be trained and practiced. Without proper training and applicative skills, one cannot be successful as a data scientist. There is a lot to learn about various data science tools and techniques. Getting certified will not only help you hone your skills but also will confirm your future as a data scientist.


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