Amplifying Inspiration With Haribo Sweets


I love writing. I have filled 25 notebooks as of date. I write almost anything from poems, stories, proses, thoughts, best cbd oil in Canada lyrics, and whatever can be formed by combining words and creating a picture through it. It has also served as my outlet of expression being generally silent and shy in public. I don’t or I can’t easily disclose my personality nor do I instigate a conversation. My mom taught me to put them through writing and so I did. Whenever I’m inspired, frustrated, afraid, or whatever, I write it down. But my best times of writing are when I’m enjoying a pack of Haribo sweets.

I was in junior high school when I started writing. It took me long before I made any friends in school and during those times, my notebooks served as my companion. During my free times, during lunch breaks, and when chilling out in the benches in the campus while eating some Haribo sweets, I write. It has somehow given me confidence to voice out what I feel. And soon enough I have made friends.

I also joined the school publication where I can show and do what I love the most – writing. I have written countless feature articles and contents for the school publication and most of them were written while indulging in some Haribo sweets. For some reasons I have found it especially inspiring and my brains working whenever I eat these really tasty and gummy treats. best cbd oil in Canada

My habit of eating Haribo sweets while writing came up by accident. I was in the park one day carrying my notebook and my pen when one of my classmates passed by. She was carrying some gummy candies by Haribo and she greeted me. I said hi, and she offered me some candies. Not taking “no” for answer while smiling, I took some. At that very moment I knew I love the chewiness of Haribo gummy candies. Not only that, I found my self exceptionally in my best writing condition whenever I have some of these candies by my side.

When blogs started it gave me a new perspective in writing. I found a new channel to express and show my thoughts and emotions. I made a couple of blogs, a personal one and another to show my writing to the world. I didn’t care about readership or having regular readers of my blog. Just like when I’m scribbling on my notes while eating some Haribo sweets all that matter to me is to be able to bring out what’s in me through words.

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